Janice DeMello

AKC Breeder of Merit


I couldn't have named him any more perfectly…Hob Nob Perfect Schemer!  He is Trace's son, and came into my life at a perfect time.  Luckily, Jan could see that he was a perfect fit, before I did.  As a small puppy, every time I went to play with the litter, Schemer was always fast asleep.  Now, I know he was just showing me his "off switch."

Hob Nob Perfect Schemer

 It's hard to describe how much joy Schemer brings into my life.  I can't remember feeling this way about a dog that is so young.  I look at him, and see his beauty and heart. 

Click on these links to watch Carol Schiefer and Schemer in action!

Video 1       Video 2

I love applying all I've learned about agility foundation training to Schemer.  He responds to our training sessions with love, brilliance, and such a desire to please.

To Jan, thank you so very much for choosing Hob Nob Perfect Schemer to be my friend.  

Carol Schiefer, CA

 I'm excited about our future together as I feel such a strong connection to this wonderful dog.

    Thanks to Jef Blake for letting Jan and I breed Trace to his wonderful boy Klepto!

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