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Hob Nob Gusto is a striking blue merle from Lurk x Swirl.  He is co owned with Maggie Meleski Yates and lives in Oregon.  Gusto competes in agility and this will be his first litter.  Gusto is OFA GOOD on hips, DNA normal for CEA, TNS, IGS & MDR1.  He is also BEAR  hearing tested normal in both ears.  While Gusto is very fast and driven on the agility course, he is a fun loving boy with a rock solid temperament and knows no stranger.  He is the perfect gentleman around other dogs and was the perfect house guest while visiting Hob Nob farm for the breeding to Proven

Hob Nob Proven is my dream girl from the breeding of my homebred HN Prism to Jef Blake's Klepto.  Proven has it all from head to toe and everything in between.  Not only is she gorgeous but has structure to die for with a temperament to match. Proven is very closely relarted to Hob Nob Schemer having Klepto as their mutual sire and also Schemer's mother HN Trace and Proven's grandmother HN Posh are sisters.  Proven is OFA prelim GOOD on hips, DNA normal for CEA, TNS, IGS & MDR1.  She is also BAER hearing tested normal in both ears.  Proven's puppies from Imported Skim and Imported Suave are already getting rave reviews from their owners.

Proven is confirmed pregnant and is due to have her puppies 2nd week in August, 2018

If you would like for information on this litter, email Jan at

Imported Jute has been bred to Hob Nob Truf for a repeat breeding.  Pictured above is Hob Nob Jovi, a beautiful lilac female from Jute and Truf's first litter.  Both Jute and Truf are OFA hip scored GOOD and DNA normal for CEA, TNS & IGS.  They are also BAER hearing tested normal in each ear.

Jute was imported from Kevin Evans in Wales and has a most sweet and loving temperament and is friendly to all people and dogs.  Jute is wonderful working sheep with authority yet biddable in taking direction from the handler.  She is also a most wonderful bed snuggler!  

Truf was born here at Hob Nob farm and lives with his owners Connie & Tim Tepper in OR living the good life.  Truf is a powerful boy boy who hikes and swims with a passion for life yet is a sweet and loving companion.  He was the perfect house guest when he visited Hob Nob farm last year and again this year for his renedezvous with Jute.  I am once again very excited about this litter and want to thank his owners Connie and Tim Tepper for letting me breed to Truf once again.

Jute is confirmed pregnant with puppies expected 2nd week in August, 2018

If you would like more information on this litter, you can email Jan at

This is Hob Nob Oz from the first litter of Jute & Truf owned by Bronagh Daly from New York working on their agility skills

This is Jute working with Kevan Evans in Wales just before I imported her