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Imported Jot has been bred to Hob Nob Prada with puppies expected around 9/29/18.  This is a repeat breeding of which puppies from their first 2 litters are proving to be fantastic!  

Jot is OFA hip scored excellent while Prada is OFA hip scored good.  

Both Jot and Prada are DNA normal for CEA, IGS, TNS and MDR1.  They are both BAER hearing tested normal in both ears.

This litter can produce smooth and rough coated black/white puppies and possible tri.

If interested in this litter, please contact Jan at

video of Imported Jot (2nd dog) working with Kevin Evans in Wales just prior to being imported to Hob Nob farm

video of Prada learning jumping skills

Pictured is the very handsome Hob Nob Driver from the first litter of Jot and Prada and lives in Alaska

Vivid was imported from Kevin Evans in Wales as an 8 week old puppy.  Her sire is Tanhill Glen that was previously owned by Kevin.  Vivid is a very vivaceous and lovely girl with such a zest for life!  Her structure is outstanding as you can see from her above pictures.

She will potentially be bred to Hob Nob Prada or Hob Nob Schemer.  Vivid does not carry for rough coat so all her puppies will be smooth coated like she is.  Vivid does carry for red so she can produce black/white and red/white puppies whether she is bred to Prada or Schemer as they both carry for red as well.

This will be Vivid's first litter.

Vivid is DNA normal for CEA, TNS, IGS and MDR1.  She is also OFA hip scored good and BAER hearing tested normal in both ears.

If interested in this litter, please contact Jan at

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This is her first time ever seeing a jump and I am thrilled to see what a lovely natural jumper she is with wonderful style!

Vivid's sire Tanhill Glen Winner of Breconshire Nursery League 2014, Reserve All Wales Nursery Champion 2014

European Nursery Champion 2015